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    Food Waste Disposers

View the superb selection of state of the art Carronade food waste disposers from Carron Phoenix here.
Carronade food waste disposers

It's never been a better time to fit a Carronade in your kitchen:

- SAVE TIME & ENERGY disposing of smelly food waste in your bin

- REDUCE HOUSEHOLD ODOURS by quickly grinding and flushing away your food scraps and peelings down the sink

- SAVE MONEY by reducing the quantity of organic waste left for the binman, an ever increasing expense

- SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT by diverting food waste from Landfill to waste water treatment plants which treat and RECYCLE organic waste

- SAVE YOUR COUNCIL MONEY collecting, transporting & composting or landfilling your food waste when it can be done more cost-effectively through the waste water treatment system.
Check out Carronades to view the range available, and to answer your questions about Carronade Food Waste Disposers. Then search our Dealers page for the one nearest to you.

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