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    Kitchen Taps Spare Parts

We stock a wide range of Parts for Kitchen Taps. Usually your Kitchen Tap is dripping from either (1) the spout or (2) where the spout meets the base.

If it is dripping from the Spout or Handle then it is most likely that you need to change the valves (or Cartridge in the case of a Single Lever Tap)

If your tap is dripping where the spout meets the base then it is likely that you need to replace the O Rings (see below for O Rings).

If you don't know the Brand of your Tap or do not have the installation guide with Spare Parts listed, then we could still be able to help you fix your Tap.

Please email us

  • Picture of your Tap
  • Picture of your Spare Part (if you have removed it) and we will advise you
  • Any other useful information i.e. where you sourced your tap, approx. age of your tap etc.
You can send all the information to

Please note that due to the high volume of Spare Tap Part queries that we receive, and the information that we will require e.g. Tap Pictures etc, ALL spare part queries are dealt with via email. We do not answer spare part queries via telephone. Email

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