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    Recoup Energy Solutions

Our RECOUP series of shower Drain Water Heat Recovery units offer an unbelievably affordable way to reduce hot water usage by up to 68%...!!

The RECOUP series is an affordable solution, designed to make substantial savings on the hot water bill. Almost all the energy used to heat the water in a shower goes down the drain, which is incredibly wasteful and costly. The installation of a RECOUP product can easily recycle a large proportion (up to 68%) of this heat and return it to the system.

-Saves energy
-Reduced CO2 emissions
-Reduced running costs
-Easy installation
-Virtually maintenance free
-Ideal partner for all energy sources
-SAP Appendix Q 2009 PCDB Listed
-Fully tested and validated by KIWA
-DEAP listed

How does the RECOUP series work?

The general principle of the RECOUP series is to use the heat from the outgoing shower hot water to pre-heat the cold water coming in.

PIPE + makes use of a thin falling film of warm water that clings to the wall of the exchanger as it falls. This allows for an efficient transfer of heat to the incoming cold water that is passing on the other side of the exchanger.

DRAIN + and TRAY + again use the heat from the shower water, and as this water collects prior to entering the drainage system, the cold mains pipe passes through this hot water and pre-heats the cold water.

INSTALLATION ARRANGEMENTS - The RECOUP series can be installed in a Balanced (most efficient) or unbalanced arrangement (See below)

Recoup Pipe+ HE Installation video:

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